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What’s the deal with infographics?

Honestly, hardly a day goes by right now when some well-meaning PR or other doesn’t send me an infographic.

What? Have we lost the ability to read whole sentences? Can we only absorb information when it’s in bite-sized chunks and accompanied by a cute graphic? What have those smartphones done to our brains?

It’s as if the entire nation – possibly the world – has developed attention-deficit disorder.

There again, if it helps us to learn something, who am I to complain (though complain I do, and frequently)?

Here’s the latest one, called The Truth About Men… And Cosmetic Surgery, supplied by a firm of solicitors that specialises in medical negligence, no less (Paul Rooney Solicitors – okay, give me a break, I have to give them a name check).

I write about cosmetic surgery quite often, so I found it interesting. What it shows is that women aren’t the only ones to succumb to the cosmetic surgeon’s knife (in fact, the number of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out on men is well on the up – though they’re still lagging behind compared to women, with men accounting for just one in 10 of all UK-based cosmetic surgery operations).

See for yourself, you’ll probably get more out of the infographic than from me rattling on about statistics…

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